Dog training with an educated approach. Let's restructure your relationship with your dog!

I help craft a canine curriculum that’s as unique as your dog’s personality.​
Dog Trainer Danny Alvarez from Alvarez Canine Academy with with German Shepherds cundcting a training session

Dogs aren't just pets; they're family. Let's make your family bond unbreakable through paws-itive training!

Applying my seven years of dedicated dog training experience, I formulate programs customized to seamlessly complement and enhance your daily life. My goal is to cultivate a canine companion that becomes a content and well-mannered member of your household, making you proud to call them YOUR dog! Your pup learns in real-world scenarios, and you learn how to enjoy them to the fullest. I am thrilled to have you join our pack!
1 – 1.5 hr Private Lesson

Cost effective option allowing you to actively participate in the training process.

Address specific behavioral problems.
Receive instant feedback from the trainer, allowing for real-time adjustments.

1-Week Board and Train

Swift program focusing on basic commands and  expected behaviors.

Lay the foundation for a well-behaved dog with a fundamental vocabulary.

Follow-up lesson plan for ongoing reinforcement.


3-Week Board and Train

Dig into your dog’s learning style and motivations.

Tailored instruction based on your dog’s unique learning style for optimal learning.

Comprehensive take-home assessment for continued habit formation.

Your family achieves:

♥ Behavioral Consistency

♥ Clear Communication

♥ Confidence Building

♥ Enhanced Safety

♥ Reduced Stress

Your family avoids:

⊗ Behavioral Embarrassment

⊗ Destruction of Property

⊗ Anxiety during Outings

⊗ Limited Freedom

⊗ Family Tension

Empower your dog to realize their utmost potential, allowing you both to embrace the fulfilling life you deserve. Instead of worrying about your four legged friend, let’s collaborate to attain greatness, because life is better with a dog by your side.

Let's talk Pawsibilities!

Ready to transform your dog’s behavior and strengthen your bond? I’m here to answer your questions about dog training and get you started on the path to a tail-wagging success story!

Whether you’re interested in a specific dog training program or just want to chat about your furry friend, I’m all ears. I’m ready to make tails wag and dreams come true. Let’s create a paw-sitive change together!